Granite Point Mountain Lodge

After achieving an engineering feat in the construction of his lodge, Jeff needed a website and brand to match the top notch experience you have upon visiting! Discussing the retro and rustic feel of the lodge combined with the fact that it is the ultimate Alaskan getaway...

KCCAP's mission to provide information regarding educational opportunities within the KC metro area has been successful for more than 20 years, but with a website that hadn't been utilized in 5 years the organization's president decided it was time for a make over...

Having been around for a few decades this motel sports a retro vibe with a great view of Cook inlet and Mt. Redoubt, but having no 'set' brand image gave me creative freedom to...

Having little digital presence regardless of the great reviews and frequent visitors, Louie's brand image was redesigned with keeping the attached motels' image in mind for a cohesive look...

This IT consulting business started in the summer of 2007 and updated their website when it began. As years went by and the clientele grew the website became obselete, but still harbored a wealth of information...

My first business which I have been running for almost ten years is for my portrait photography, I designed the original brand image in early 2008 and gave it a full overhaul in 2016...

AK Fine Art Logo

Branching off from my first business AK Fine Art is for my landscape photography. It began in late 2012 with a small portfolio and I redesigned the brand image in 2015...

Originally hired on in 2013 the website incorporated the company's need for a shopping cart interface while creating a seamless purchasing process for the end user...

It's Not All Anchors and Roses

Although the branding wasn't my creation with this website I implemented as much of the brand elements as possible. Giving this tattoo parlor the ability to showcase their work and their great reviews.

With the only private dock and boat launch in the middle of the Kenai River this lodge offers world class fishing opportunities it's only appropriate they have a logo and website to match the feel of the property!

Alaska Smoke and Vape

Retail Smoke Shop

Baby Steps - Retail Clothing

Design Contest Submission

Pellew Dental - Dental Office

Design Contest Submission


Custom Made Jewelry

Kenai Peninsula Wranglers

Jeep Enthusiast Group

Wild Woman off-road

Jeep Enthusiast Group

Raven Storm Digital

IT Consulting



McShan Law - Legal Offices

Design Contest Submission

Ziegler Construction

Design Contest Submission

FEM - Radio Station

Design Contest Submission

Safer Wells - Oil Industry

Design Contest Submission

By the Way - Grocery Store

Design Contest Submission

Elinora's Boutique

Clothing Store

MAP - Training Program

Design Contest Submission

Wallace Artistry

Novelty Items

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